Pressure in the media to get married?

We've all heard that there's pressure for girls to look good and for guys to be a player. But what I was thinking watching some TV shows is...EVERYONE is married! Those same shows sometimes also have a loser character that isn't married or has a significant other (Bill from King of the Hill or Liz from 30 Rock) and makes fun of them for it. What this makes people think is that they MUST have an S.O. to be seen as normal. Why isn't there something out there that shows us that single life can be just as fun without being married/a player? I think that's what makes people who are single later in their lives feel even more like s**t because there is no where where they will accept them for being alone. Honestly, if it weren't for TV, maybe the single life without being a player (Tried it. Not for me. I just can't bring myself to play a girl since tenth grade) or married. What do you think?


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  • I wouldn't say pressure by the media. more like pressure from my family

    • What's the point, right? I've never been in a relationship and even though it would be nice to have a girl I know I could start a life with, I don't think it'll be what I expect. And even without ever having a girlfriend, I'm starting to get over my loneliness and realizing that it might be overrated.

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