Girlfriend dying to get married, too much pressure!

She brings it up 10 times a day at least. Has had her mother cal me several times. She's driving me nuts.. without the pressure I loved her. what's wrong with me? am ii a commitment phobe? Do I maybe not love her fully? What should I do/say. Has anyone else had any experience in a similar situation?

she claims her parents have forbidden her to meet me alone until I propose!?

I think she's bluffing but there might be some truth to what she said to an extent. What to I say to her in response to this..


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  • First of all, she needs to stop. Someone needs to explain to her that you do not want to push your husband into marriage. It happens all the time, and when he's not ready, it is ALWAYS a problem. Seriously, does she want to marry a man she has to BUG to say yes? Who wants that? That's like giving yourself a gift or throwing yourself a party. It's nigh on meaningless.

    I think you two need to sit down and talk. Actually talk things out and express yourselves. WHY don't you want to get married? What about it scares you so much? Do you see yourself staying with her forever - or is there doubt there? Why does she need you to commit so badly? If this is causing tension - and it is - there is a lack of communication that needs to be fixed. Best of luck!

    • can you talk to her for me?!

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    • Uhm this is rather unorthodox. Not much; I have a dance social and a party, and otherwise a boatload of homework to do. Maybe we should continue this via chat?

    • yeah that's cool, I'll add you to chat

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  • well do you want to get married?

    • no, not yet. I just need some time to be sure..

  • How long have you been dating?

    How old is she?

    Do you want to marry her someday?

    • 1 year appx.


      Maybe someday

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  • She's been planning on her big wedding day since she was a kid. She just needed to add a guy. That guy appears to be you.

    The more she pressures you, the more it seems like a bad idea. Anything rushed is not worth it in the end.

    She might be rushing because of her biological clock. She figures why waste any more time right. Other reasons might be financial but I doubt it. Her friends are probably all married as well.

    • I second this.

    • some of her friends are married. she turned 27 in December.

      i feel pressured all day long. f***ing sucks man. even her mom has started calling me..

    • Sure, just sign this prenup. :D

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