Odd marriage? How is this possible?

why would a wife stay with a husband whom she knows that he cheats on her.?

i know this woman and even if you people call her hubby a jerk I would call her one as well.

He is very wealthy,has a huge paycheck at work and famous and due to his name and fame people know her too.

But she's a startling ***** and is shaming well educated,dignified and self respected women.

Her hubby,in short has been seen doing many objectionable things with other women,including indirectly proclaiming his love interest in his colleague ( kissing,cuddling,making girl sit on his lap while he showed off his wedding ring,thrashing colleague for sleeping around ,sexually harassing women before he married her) and this woman has absolutely no effect.

She like, ignores all his actions and has one has one hobby ,taking her photos with her girlfriends, her own photos and photos of the foods she cooked.and posting them on her social networking site accounts.

Her photos are ridiculous.Lots of makeup,always smiling, strange faces with sometimes cheeks sucked in,giving flying kiss,sitting on bed,stairs,cars and she's always without her daughter who is only 3 years old.She doesn't work as well.And has to accompany him to every glitzy event where celebrities are, even though he doesn't take photos with her,but she will come dressed up with him.

She was seen in his documentary but their chemistry was really poor,.they didn't talk at all except sat and stared at their daughter,kissing oddly,while he was wearing his bags she suddenly waked up to him hugged him ,sometimes holding hands,sometimes just standing.

When she was supposed to talk about his dark times including drug use,she wasn't even crying but no tears anything,just pretending it by pursuing her lips and stretching her lips

One thing in particular really startled me that she went to watch him last year in Sept while he performed his segment and when he came near her,(he just came to pick up something which was where she and I were standing) the moment she saw him coming near her,she practically moved away completely,no one did and no one does until they start throwing things.

I was shocked.Why will a wife see her hubby and shift backwards and when he went away she came back and clapped?

Her hubby's concern with his female friend's sex life also didn't affect her.Nothing ever does affect her.Doesn't she care about him?

The guy is also weird.He knows he cheats but why does the guy need to prove that he's a family man on twitter or in public,saying how much time is needed with family,family vacation,watching TV with wife ,kissing wife in the crowds when he can otherwise he doesn't even look at her-bla bla

He even wrote happy birthday to her on his twitter account when they were switching between airports and planes going to Hawaii for vacation.

The only thing that's good about him is that he is a good father even though he stays out of home a lot due to his job.and he wanted a child as quickly as possible before he was married.

what are your views on them?

Do you think there's love and will it last


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  • because the women too might be doing the same thing hence little effect she had wen she see these stuffs imsorry to say that but no other reason would fit the gap produced by this question


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