Are you satisfied with marriage?

For those of you who are married or have ever been married, I want to know would you do it again?

For those of you once married, would you take a lot longer to decide? Or would you rather have a committed relationship without the wedding?

If you are currently married, if your marriage ended through death or divorce, do you think you would take the plunge again?

I got married in my 20s way to fast and realized I made a huge mistake about a week before the wedding. I did my best to make it work for a year, but it was a disaster. I got married a couple of years later, and it's lasted 8 years so far, but things have gotten steadily worse for the past 3 years.

I don't think I will ever want to enter a marriage again.


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  • Also been married twice. Both disasters, still unhappy in the second with no way out right now . Me either.


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