Would you rather marry a virgin ?

Simple question , Yes or No.

And why , or why not ?

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  • I normally don't comment anonymously but seeing as I don't want any hatemail, here goes:

    If I felt she was the woman of my life, then I probably would. I'm assuming your question implies that said virgin is saving herself for marriage - by all means correct me if this isn't the case!

    I say I would, but I didn't say I might not regret it. For some/most guys, sex to us is JUST as important as cuddling, holding hands, sweet things, random surprises, etc.. So just like girls might feel unloved if they don't get enough of the above, guys don't like to be sex deprived.

    I'm sure you've heard the saying "Girls have to feel loved to have sex, guys have to have sex to feel loved." This is VERY true. If we don't get sex, we won't get sexually frustrated as much as just feeling insecure and doubting your feelings for us.

    Moral of the story: If she's a virgin for the right reason (waiting for the right man for example) then I don't see a problem. The problem would only be if she is not sexual enough AFTER being married.

    Hope this makes sense! I know a lot of guys/girls will flame me but I'm sure some will agree just as well.

    • yeah she is saving herself for marriage

    • So, you wouldn't marry her if she wanted to wait after marriage, but you would apprciate it if she was a virgin when you met, have sex after a couple of months and then later get married?

      Or you don't care at all? I'm sorry I didn't quite get that part

    • It's all a bit of a gamble isn't it? You can't tell how a virgin is gonna turn out sexually. All I'm saying is I'd probably wait for her, but if we didn't have an active sexlife once being married, I don't think the marriage would last.

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What Guys Said 4

  • Although it's not a requirement or a deal breaker if she is not a virgin, it would be cool to marry a virgin. I'd be honored that she waited to she her first sexual experience with the man she loves.

  • I honestly don't care. As long as she practiced safe sex in the past and is free from harmful diseases I don't care.

  • i would prefer it, the more experience she has the less and less I'm willing offer

  • I wouldn't be able to take a girl serious if she wasn't. I can't see myself marrying a girl who isn't a virgin


What Girls Said 6

  • Yeah definitely. It will definitely make me feel more comfortable and I won't have to keep stressing about his ex sex partners. But it's not a deal breaker for me though. But it would sure be a nice bonus.

  • ya I would... it'd be way awesome if believed in waiting as I do, for the same reasons and values, we'd be able to connect better if he agreed with me on waiting.. of course if I did date and marry a guy that had safe sex in the past, that wouldn't be a deal breaker for me but I think it'd be really amazing if he believed in waiting for the one and making it more special to wait.

  • I would not marry someone who was a virgin. If I like someone enough to marry them we'd be having sex long before marriage. If we weren't, it just wouldn't work for me. I don't know why people see virginity as being sacred. it's ridiculous to me.

  • No.

    you marry him. Everything is perfect, you go on your honeymoon, the most beautiful resort in Hawaii, you go up to the hotel room, the room is full of flower petals and scented candles, you lie down on the bed in the sexiest lingerie you bought specially for this occasion - the night the man of your dreams will deflower you. And then...

    - he can't get it up

    - he doesn't last more than 15 seconds

    - he has no idea what to do with his d*ck

    - you see his d*ick for the first time and it is the smallest thing you've ever seen

    And the night you always dreamt of and the night you always thought you'll remember as the most perfect night in your life, turns into a complete disaster. The worst part is when you realize you'll have to live with that, because afterall you did take vowes in good and in bad in front of God.

    People are sexual creatures, we are made to reproduce. We have urges. And when your husband after having sex for the first time in his life realises, that having sex is a lot of fun, he starts questioning himself: are other women better than my woman? My woman just lays there when I do here, I bet there are other women out there who can satisfy me? The result: exploring other territories aka cheating and subsequent divorce.

    Saving yourself for the person you marry, in most cases is just a lame excuse for not being able to get laid by the time you're 30.

    Let the down voting begin!

  • no

  • lol it's virginity. it's not a big deal either way. ridiculous to put virginity on a pedestal

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