Is it normal to get mad to your husband with no apparent reason?

or am just weird, I just don't like him these months cause he's always staying in the computer and he's always busy while me always stuck inside the house and I always clean the house even if its clean already and it makes me irritate every time he keeps on repeating turn on his Japanese musics I HATE IT! and he always like those page of girls... should I be alarmed?or no?sigh.. this summer I'm going to have my job in the hospital and definitely I will be busier than him so hopefully he will missed me too...

INFO: 3months married yet

i mean "IS IT NORMAL TO GET MAD TO YOUR HUSBAND with minor things which is no big deal"

No time for you and to take you to mall... etc


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  • It's quiet normal to be mad

    if he's on his computer all

    the time =)

    I wouldn't make a scene though

    avoid arguing over small stuff

    as much as possible. =)

    I hope it's not the japanese music you hate, hehe :p

    but you are in the right to feel annoyed/mad. =)

    Look forward to your job, and expect him to

    be begging for you to come back to him =)

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