Am I being taken advantage of or should I try to understand?

So I've been married for 6 months and am going through hell. My husband worked 6am to 8pm for the first month of our marriage but hasn't worked one day since then. I am a receptionist and don't to much in a day, but have been paying for everything since he's been out of work. I've been trying really hard not to complain because he's jobless but yesterday I exploded! I ask my husband to take me to buy some groceries and he said OK ima take you so you stop bitching. I got so mad and told him everything I've been holding back. I said I'm the one who works to pay for everything I pay rent gas light phones car insurance (for 2 cars) everything and you are telling me that I'm bitching! I was so mad! I told him to get off his ass and get a job. and now he's really mad at me cus he says he can't believe I am complaining for what I do. he says we got married for better or for worse. but I just feel like he's victimizing himself so he doesn't have to work. after I blew up I felt really bad for everything I said but I was also mad for him treating me that way. he's been really rude to me for the last 2 months and I have not said anything til yesterday night. I told him I do everything for us and all he does is treat me bad. and he said that all I do is customer service work, and I said OK but its very stressing. he thinks that what I do isn't good enough and says that I shouldn't be complaining. I told him that thanks to what I do we have somewhere to live and food to eat he has a phone car insurance gas everyting. and he looks at me like it is my responsibility to do it because we are married. I need some advice. should I stop the situation or have patience and try to understand where he's coming from? he says home all day and does nothing! I have to come home and clean cook and wash clothes. I'm frusterated more than half the time and don't know if its worth beeing married any more! we are both 22 years old.


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  • Jesus, girl you should of walked ages ago, because for him to have all these luxuries and sit on his arse but still complain and tell you that your job isn't much either, then this guy is taking you for a ride, and a bloody big one, you need to tell him that one of the cars need to go and that if he don't start doing some work around the house then he don't eat because if anyone needs to put their feet up its you when you come home from work, and let him know that the phone bills will have to half so his has to go, he don't need it unless he is looking for work, and as he is not, then he don't need a phone. But to be honest, this guy is taking the piss, and because you have given it him easy, he will milk it for as long as he can, do you think he would of put up with this with you? coming home and doing everything while you sit on yopur xbox scraching your crotch? well then, so don't take it from him, tell him you have found another place and am concidering moving out for a while because he is taking the piss, so unless he makes an effort to help you in this marriage, your off and won't look back, let him start respecting you again, but for that to happen you need to set the standards, us men don't have standards unless the women sets the level, so pull his arse into gear, he has become a pig, and who wants to be married to a pig, good luck,x


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  • Wow my relationship sounds exactly like yours..minus the marriage license. My boyfriend lost his job just after we got together, took him 4 years to find a job...and even still that job isn't steady and he got so lazy that half the time he wants to remain sleeping instead of going to work. My boyfriend does nothing at home as well and expects me not to want anything from him. I'm now very much in debt because I had to get a loan to help pay for things. I thought "for better for worse" even though we are not married. If I knew then what I know now...I would've left him. I feel used and under appreciated. I would be very careful if I were you. If he's anything like my boyfriend then he has no urge to get out to the work place...why would they? they have wives at home paying the bills, cleaning and cooking. It's like their living with mommy and daddy again.