Did you talk about it before you where proposed to?

was is a topic of discution? did you know you where both intresed in geting married before it happened or did they just pop the question one day?

if you talked about it before hand how did you bring it up what did you say?


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  • I think it's the only practical thing to discuss marriage before a proposal. A guy isn't going to ask you to marry him unless he knows that you will say yes. Therefore bringing up marriage in one way or another is necessary for him to really know that his woman wants to get married (not every girl in this day and age does). Plus if you don't discuss it ahead of time, how will you know when is a good time to get married for you two? Discussing time and expense and other general items before the proposal is a good idea - you don't want to get engaged only to start arguing about these things and break up before the wedding itself (I've known this to happen on multiple occasions). I'm not engaged yet, but my boyfriend and I have talked about marriage before and discussed when is a good time for us (after I get out of college), what size wedding we want, and how long of an engagement we want to have.