My marriage and husband?

My husband is 31 years old and is very wealthy and famous-the star quality kind of.He is good looking as well.And his job requires him to stay on road more than at home.

We met at some random bar.He asked for my phone number and I said that if you can memorize then call.he called the next day and start dating

But in the meantime he was pretty much infatuated with many females he came across and who rejected him,he physically harassed them or verbally abused them,those who are willing,he dated them. Since he was ill tempered nobody was ready to marry him and dumped him.

We got engaged but he did drugs.He stopped breathing due to overdose,I called the ambulance.

He cheated,posing with skimpy dressed women,make them,one of those girls was sitting on his lap while he was partially unclothed and flashed his wedding ring to the camera and god knows what happened after that.

Early last year I saw a video and a couple of shots in which my husband was on a diner date with some blond friend of his and he wasn't even sitting on his seat.instead he was standing behind her,kissing her head,wrapping his arms around her chest,stomach and neck and was laughing and joking.

He was best friends with a girl at his work place from 5 years,he went with her to places,took intimate pictures with her,stared at her,smiled at her,joked with her but suddenly he publicly thrashed her for how many men he knows she slept with,whom she is sleeping with while he is talking and that she's are a **** indirectly and during that he mentioned me what he put me through during the overdose incident, in laws crying when they hear that

We acted in a documentary but the real life family scenes are termed boring and contrived.

We don't talk at all except sit and stared at your daughter,kiss oddly,sometimes holding hands,sometimes just standing

However he is a very good and caring parent.He is always with our daughter.

He wrote happy birthday to me on twitter when we were together in the airplane and switching between airports together.

But just the day before your my birthday while he was talking on twitter,he didn't mention that its my birthday tomorrow..just told that we are going for our family vacation.

He always brags about what a family man he is on public and on twitter(same with the documentary-got labeled as a stand up family man)) (time needed to be with family,watching TV with me, and other things about me and daughter) kisses me in the crowds after he's done performing and that's why people think that we love each other so much and have such a good relationship.

I wear good clothes and have lots of friends with whom I hang out with.We have girls night out frequently and we go to places.

My girlfriends and I click our own pictures,wherever we are and put it up on social networking sites and to people who are willing to make my sites.

I take my pictures happily without any problem and I also accompany him to the glitzy parties(at restaurants as well).

Theres no publicity involving girls at his company,its strictly related to men and work,these are real things okay(at restaurants,hotels parking lots,he said himself on radio about colleague's sex life) and I have already written that he has put up an image of a stand up family man.

And if I stay happy with my girlfriends,go to watch him happily when he performs at work,attend public events with him and enjoy with my girlfriends what can you say about me?


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  • Wow. I say "to each his (or her) own"

    You and your husband's relationship, family and social life is on a different stratosphere. As long as what you and your husband do are providing healthy, safe place for your children, I have no problem with it.

    Sounds like your husband has created problems now and then. Hope you rectify them, forgive and move on.

    It's not my cup of tea, but if the family dynamic works, then enjoy life.


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