Jokes about being married

I've been with my boyfriend for 9 months now. Everything is going so well; we don't fight and we're very much compatible. Life is a breeze with him, as we both enjoy being funny and finding humor in everything, living life to the fullest.

There have been times during our relationship when he jokes about marriage/being married. The ones I can think of from the top of my head are:

1. While waiting in line for something, he struck up a conversation with a stranger and they asked him if I was his girlfriend and he responded with "Yes and she is wife material."

2. He joked about me taking his last name and then asked what I would do (told him I'd take his last name if we were to get married).

3. One time after having sex he did a funny gesture over my body and said in an epic-type voice "MULTIPLY!" I was laughing my ass off Because it was funny, but in retrospect I think he was trying to gauge how I feel about having kids.

4. We were walking back to his house and we ran into one of his childhood friends from the neighborhood. He asked my boyfriend "Hey how are you doing? Is that your wife?" and my boyfriend responded with "Yes, we just got married." I didn't say anything and just laughed. His friend was intrigued and congratulated us and asked when we got married. My boyfriend didn't stop him and just gave him fake details. Then later he said he was kidding.

5. Yesterday we had dinner together and he found a plastic ring type thing that goes around cigars. He presented it to me and said "Will you marry me?" and we laughed.

This guy is totally in love with me, right? I love him back to pieces. He has me in mind for marriage, huh? *^___________^*



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