What does it mean when he mentions marriage?

My boyfriend who has always told me that he never wanted to get married. Just about everyone in his family is divorced (some multiple times) and it's made him very cynical about the whole thing. Like every girl, I've always imagined myself getting married some day. But whenever I or someone else has mentioned marriage to him he would always get nervous or annoyed about it. He was a nervous wreck at his friend's wedding too and he wasn't even the one getting married. He felt like his friend was making a mistake.

However, he recently mentioned marriage to me which seemed very out of character. He said if there's anyone he'd marry, it would be me. He's also been extra sweet and spontaneous lately since about a week before he said that to me. So it makes me wonder if he's actually coming around about the marriage thing and thinking about asking me to marry him at some point. Especially since I'd always heard that guys are typically to scared to put the thought of marriage in their girl's brain unless it's something they were seriously thinking about.

What do you guys think? Does it mean anything or is it probably just wishful thinking?


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  • It probably means something, but it would be really foolish to try and guess what it means.

    Girls usually go wrong when trying to figure out what a guy means.


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  • it means he's interested in getting married silly!