Guys, do you feel like women pressure men to get married?

I have a lot of sisters to exact I have 7, I'm the youngest of all and from my experience by listening to them, it seems that somehow they pressure their men to marry them. One of then thew the excused of " We;ve been together for 4 years now, if you don't marry me soon, I'm breaking up with u? Sure enough two months later A WEDDING.

In my opinion I like surprises and I think that it would be better to get proposed without me having to ask.


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  • Definitely, happens all the time. I will never get married though, so good luck to any girl who tries :)


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  • I've never felt pressured. If a girl threatened to break up with me because we were not married yet, I'd break up with her and move on. Simple as that. The more you push things with me, the longer you will wait.

    • how serious does a men need to be in order to feel like its time to get married?

    • It's based on state of the relationship... If everything was working right maybe less then a year. If it wasn't but there was potential, it might drag out several years and never go anywhere... It's a matter if the people grow and the relationship develops correctly. Threatening to break up because of not being married, says one thing very loud... "I don't really love you, and will leave you". When I hear that, then why in the world would I marry you?...

  • Women don't want to be pressured to have sex. How is it any different with women pressing men for marriage?

  • Nobodys ever presssured me to get married. But I have been really pressured to loose my virginity.

    • did you?

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    • rumor has it ,that size don't matter, plus they also say that skinny girls are tighter maybe you should also keep in mind. and search for skinny girls.

    • ok thanks.

  • i'd let her walk. if she's going to break up just because she doesn't get what she wants when she wants it, she was never worth marrying in the first place

  • Women often pressure men to get married.

    Personally, I wouldn't stand for it.

    I've always been of the opinion that any ultimatum should blow up in her face in the most destructive way possible.

    So if she demands I marry her or we'll break up.. .I'll f*** her sister, then tell her about it, then tell her she's dumped.

    • Damn! are you serious?

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  • You're right, the last thing in the world I would want to do is coerce a man into marrying me. What a way to start a new marriage right? On the other hand, if was a lot older and had been with a man for a while that I thought was never going to take the plunge, I'd consider breaking up with him as well. Not as a means of twisting his arm, but simply because I want to be married one day, and I want to be married to a man that REALLY wants to be married to me as well. After a certain period of time (and past a certain age), I'd be questioning how much he really wants to get married in general, much less to me. If I were your sister, I'd have been skeptical about accepting a proposal after giving an ultimatum. I never want to push a guy into that.

    • if the guy doesn't want to get marry but you guys have a great relationship, would you still consider breaking up with him?

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    • & not that all men look at it this way, but I've heard many men talk about how they've cheated on girlfriends in the past, but they'd never cheat on their wife. It seems that for many men, marriage is the line you cross where things are really serious and permanent. I would not want to share kids and bank accounts with a man who did not prove he felt that way.

    • That's true, men do value their wife better, I do see your point of view because I heard and seen men that makes their wife their everything. and that's what I'm looking for as well.

  • In the modern world, people get married and divorce easily. Passion works, marrige comes. Passion is gone, Divorce is done. Marriage is just a papar without any weight if love is gone. So whether he's the right one, soul mate I mean, seems more important than ever.

    Never let him down, and be one of good temper. Life is too short for waiting and get aparting. If only no cheats, believe in the faith and the other, it's happiness IMO.

    • i'm hoping if I ever get married, not to ever get divorce, I'm 27, but I'm think old school, and I don't think I looks good to have a history of divorces.