I don't want to get married,is the pressure of getting married making me feel depressed ?

considering people of my age,myfriends,my siblings all are married,i am the odd one sticking out.and sometimes the pressure gets to me and I am like go to hell with it let me marry someone who I don't like and not even 1% attarcted to her just get on with it and stop being depressed

i found someone who I could spend of rest of my life with she didn't felt the same way though she liked me a lot but she didn't share the same view,so we had to go our seperate ways so I decided to just wait for the one that I could share my life with but like it puts more pressure on me when I am the odd one out there,single and living alone


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  • DONT EVER do something you don't want too! If you are unsure about something, step away, trust your instincts. I just ended a 7 year relationship, always had this gut feeling of something being unseltling about the guy, well the guy did but we had a daughter, and we felt his parents wanted us married, but guess what, after living on our own(not w/parents) we could not handle eacother after 6 months! He still wants me, but I don't because he wants a stay at home girlfriend who cooks for him and cleans. He knew who I am, A business person, independent, motivated, spiritual person. He never wanted to compromise, & never lived up to his word. I think single is so much better, I wish to marry at 40 or 50 when I'm old & looks don't matter.

    Im still hot ;)

  • i dint think you don't want to get married. I think you don't want to have to worry about finding the girl. you sound like you are already tired of being alone& were ready, but it didn't work.

    just relax & don't mary anyone just to do it.


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