Long relationship leads to marriage?

If you are in a long relationship with some one, you both love each other, you basically live together.. but marriage has NEVER been brought up, could you both be thinking about marriage in the future? Like.. what is the point of staying together for a long time if you aren't planning on being with some one long term/ for marriage?

By the topic never coming up, I mean US and the topic. We talk about how we believe marriages should work and stuff.. just not us and marriage.


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  • well.i guess you deserve to ask him about that.and if I were you,i would directly ask him about where is our relationship gonna be end,since we committed.the point is I wouldn't waste my time for something unsure.i am merely telling my opinion ok..

    • That's how I feel. If him and I are not moving in that direction, I don't want to keep seeing him.

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  • long term relationship doesn't always equal marriage although it's odd that the topic hasn't come up yet, maybe mention it to him subtly?

    • How can I do that?

    • have you got a friend or relative who has become engaged or married recently? you could talk about them, and then casually ask whether he sees that in your future. he's probably thinking about it

    • He is going to some of his friends weddings soon (lots of his friends are getting married lately) I guess I could try like that.

  • Not everyone believes in marriage.

    You can still be with someone long term, without getting the government involved or making unrealistic promises about feeling the same for ever.

    • He believes in marriage, as do I.

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