Did you ever have a moment where you "realized" you were going to marry someone? (just for fun)

Whether you were serious or not. Maybe you realized after your first date that this would be your future wife? Or maybe you saw your best guy friend with a puppy and realized you wanted to end up with him? Tell stories! :D


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  • I met my boyfriend in a very strange/funny way via online. We chatted through Skype the next day of meeting, though I lied to him and told him I did not have a webcam or a microphone, so all he saw was text while I was able to see him live. He had never seen a picture of me or heard my voice so he thought I was a dude while I talked about myself, me trying to convince him that I was who I said I was even though I couldn't show him proof that I was a girl. I told him my story about being hurt multiple times in the past and how I didn't want to date anyone because I didn't think love was for me. He sat there, looking through the wall of text, and said to me in the most straight forward and sincere way, "(my name), I will not stop talking to you, I will never hurt you," and I believed him with all of my heart. Here he was giving his word to some girl, who could possibly be a guy, trusting this stranger whom he had never met in real life and from that moment on I knew that he was someone honest, straightforward, and trustworthy, and just exactly the someone that I was looking for.

    • That's wonderful! That's so sweet! :)

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    • That's an awesome story, thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you :)!

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  • All of the time. I see beautiful girls walk by and think, well there's my wife, wait she's gone. There's another one. oh wait, she has a boyfriend. There goes another one; she is fine...

  • I remember when I realized I wanted to get married... and I knew the time when I decided to let my girlfriend move in with me..and at that point I knew I would marry her..and I did...(:


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  • the guy I liked in college, the first week I met him I thought to myself I wanna be his wife...and I would daydream from time to time how our marriage would be like and daily living and even imagined our kids...creepy I know but sshhhh no one knows. lol

    its a shame that over the years we knew each other in college, I lost all respect for him. he really turned into a douche and treated me pretty badly. long story. but the side of him I initially met, he was a charming nice guy and that's the one I miss and wanna marry.

    • Oh that stinks. :/ I did a similar thing.. met a guy in college the first week and decided we would end up together. But then we both changed schools in opposite directions and stopped talking haha.

    • yikes that sucks too!

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