I do not want his last name anymore

I need to renew my passport that expired last year,and this year I am willing to renew it.I am still married,and I chose his last name last year ,and I do not want to use it.On our marriage certificate,says that I chose his last name.

Is it optional to use my husbands last name?


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  • You have to use his last name since legally his last name is your last name.

    As women, all we do is carry on some other dudes last name, our maiden name is our dads last name, our moms maiden name is her fathers last name. Our last names is nothing more than another man's last name. So I would just stick with your husbands last name. In order to not use it you have to legally change your name back.

    • What a mistake I have made,i agree with you,i have to legally use his last name.What a mess.If you read my previous question,you will understand why,i do not want his last name anymore.

    • Just now read it, I would get a divorce and legally change your name. He sounds like bad news bears and not a good stable figure to be a father figure!

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