Why do you think so many more marriages are occuring at a young age?

Why do people get married so early? I know people used to get married early and then it made its way to later in their lives but now I've noticed that people are getting married much younger. Why do you think? Did you get married younger?

I ask because a girl I work with just turned 21 and she's been married for a year. No kids, no anything, just married. Shes still in university. My cousin also got married at 19 because she was pregnant.

So what's your opinion? what's up with people getting married so young? Did you get married young? If so, why?

Any input appreciated!

I'm asking if otherpeoplehave noticed this as well. And if anyone has any insight to it.


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  • i agree with legendsneverdie, I'm in NYC too and people get married late here because career and money are so impt, plus depending on how weak or strong your social life is, its hard to find a life partner here with a busy schedule...like I never get out much or meet a lot of guys so I'm stuck single and am scared ill never meet the one

    but I know in other parts of America not like large cities people get married younger, I guess it depends if your from a rural or urban area..it impacts the culture there a lot, and I would assume people get married younger because well they have nothing else to do...theyre lucky to meet a suitable partner and take the chance and go for it, some girls I know that wanna get married young they want to because they see it as a door to happiness and freedom, getting away from the single life and parents loneliness and creating a family with a new hubby is like a dream come true...i want it too deep down but at this point in my life, I need to focus on career


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  • As far as I know the general trend is still up.

    I got married at 23. I was in love and wanted what I had to last forever.

    • has it lasted?

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    • hahaha. You know you love her man.

    • well, I hope you see that person more often :)

  • Yeah, I don't know what data you're seeing but around me people are still getting married later and later. I'm over 30 and most of my friends still aren't married. A lot are married, but most aren't. I live in Boston and I'm from NYC so maybe we do things differently over here.

  • In the USA in 2009 it was 28.4 for men, 26.5 for women. The general trend is latter in life or never at all. More people are deciding to never get married. I know a few anecdotal cases of couples that got married really young, but I also know plenty who still have decided not to get married just yet (myself included). I don't think what you are observing in your personal circle is a universal trend.

    • I didn't ask if it was a universal trend, did I? Nope. I was asking for potential reasons why and if other people noticed too. Thanks.

    • And I'm saying, no I did not notice that to be true. Thanks... o_O

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