I think my friend is getting marry too early, what can I do?

I have a friend who is Muslim , she is 18 but she said me that she is going to marry someone ( boy who is 6 years elder than her from Iran) . She was raised in Europe , she is sweet , super, beautiful girl. I'm just worried about her.

she is going with her family to iran soon to meet this boy , she haven't seen him yet .

Maybe I don't understand their culture , she said she can decide if she wants marry him or not , and that before marriage they can become to know each other . ( but they will have few months for it)

I think that it;s too early for marriage , she is 18! why her parents want her to marry so early? I feel that even if she doesn't like him he will marry if her parents want it.

Tell me is any way I can help her? talk with her? or just let it be because it's their culture , tradition? what should I do?


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  • just make sure she's comfortable with it and ask her to give it a second thought, that's all you can do as a friend. If she doesn't wanna do it, stand against her parents with her.


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  • I know a girl who got married very early 2 years ago, she was 16.

    Not a surprise nor up-normal.