How will you know when the person that you're dating is the person that you want to marry?

The question itself pretty much sums it up. How will you know when you are with "the one"? :)


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  • You will know that the person you are with is the one when you've lived through something so tough in the relationship, and never gave up, or when you argue and one says that verbally yelling won't solve anything, and you just want to sit there and talk it out, or when they surprise you with something that may truly mean to you. It honestly depends on the persons actions and out look of life. If they make you truly happy, or if they want to work things out when times get tough, then they are the one for you. I'm speaking from experience. Been with my Fiance since November of '09... Yeah we are a happy couple, but that doesn't mean we never had a huge argument. We've been through thick and thin, and even after the rough patches we remained together and worked everything out, and since then we both knew that we were for each other. Because we don't walk out on one another. We sit there and work everything out like adults. And it makes us stronger.


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  • You will just the rest of us...(:


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  • -When you feel as if this person completes you.

    -When you feel as if there is no other person out there for you.

    -You are satisfied with them.

    -You love them with all of your heart and wouldn't change them for the world.

    -You can imagine yourself having kids with this person.

    -You can envision yourself growing old with this person.