Proposed to out of the blue by an ex who I haven't seen in ages. Should I tell my current boyfriend?

Of course I said no. I told him I'm very happy with my boyfriend. I had no idea my ex still has feelings for me. I've spoken to him like 3 times in the last year. He said he thinks about me everyday and is sure I am the one - hence the proposal. Anyway, should I tell my boyfriend...? If you were my boyfriend what would you make of this?


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  • If I were your boyfriend, I would be stating, "What the f***?" and be kind of mad at the guy, and I would want to know your answer. Then, I might be a little bit jealous and skeptical of you.

    • See that's what I'm worried about:( I don't want him to think in anyway that I have any kind of relationship with my ex, because I don't:( I'm worried the situation makes me look bad...:(

    • The decision is up to you. Think about the positives of telling him and then think about the negatives of telling him.

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  • I would hope my girlfriend would be honest with me. That's just me though. Also, why are you talking to an ex, even if it was only 3 times?

    • Each time he has contacted me. Once he contacted me to tell me he has gotten engaged (although he says he doesn't love her the same way he loves me) - screwed up I know! The other two times I cannot remember why he contacted me. I have no romantic feelings for me, but I do care for him as a friend, but only that.

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  • Be honest.

    I think you're boyfriend would be more upset if you hide it... he might feel that you do have feelings and felt that if you told him, he would realize you did.

    And besides, it's best to be open and honest with him sooner than later. If he loves you, which he probably does, he will believe you and believe your answers that you give him.

    It's not your fault someone proposed to you...sounds as if your ex might be a little unstable - reading the comments below you have mentioned that he has proposed to other people before? Maybe he doesn't know/realise the worth of a true marriage...?

    Let me say...there's been so many times I haven't spoken up about something and it's made everything a lot worse.

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