Have any of you girls had a guy propose to you and you said "no?"

Share that story. Will you tell your children (or future children) that story about who their daddy almost could have been?

Why did you say no? If you knew it would not work out then how could the guy be so clueless about not realizing reality also? Or was the guy just a creep?

I heard a story about a girl who is a freshman in college who dated a guy for three weeks, then he proposed to her and bought her a ring! She said the best answer anybody could have ever said: "I am not ready." They broke up after that: which was good. I just know she has an interesting story to tell her future kids.


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  • I have not personally been proposed too but with my limited number of relationships, I would say the probability of such would be close to nill. But I'm sure every girl would be flattered to have such a proposal.

    I haven't heard about that, but lol three weeks is kinda fast, if I were that girl I would turn that offer down too just because in my mind I would think he's sort of immature to do that (to just propose to someone he barely has gotten to know), he's possibly desperate, or well he really really likes her.

    If I had that happened to me, I would probably wait till my kids are older (that is if I had kids, or putatively would likely to or so I imagine) I might say something like yeah, this guy in college when I was in college. I would kinda joke about it and that would be it. Interesting, I haven't heard of this yet and I'm in post-sec as well...lol aren't people busy studying for exams more so than dishing out marriage proposals, that is what I would think should be. ^_^

    • I seen some girls on this site who claim they turned down some proposals. I wanted to attract them so they can share more details.

    • Oh. yeah, lol wish I could comment. I always wonder what it would feel. Id be flattered ^_^ good luck with your quest!

    • I'm not getting married anytime soon, and I don't have a girlfriend right now either. But in general I am looking forward to a married life in the future someday.

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