Guys! How would you propose?

Random question actually, but how would you propose to a girl? Special, Funny,Formal, etc.. or any specific ideas?


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  • I would shove a 3k diamond ring(platinum setting from tiffanys of course lol) down a frogs neck and then hand it to you and say ribbet! Seen the bloody news today?


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  • We would be sitting across the table from each other. I'd get the box out of my coat pocket and place it on the table.

    Me (nonchalantly): "So do you want to get married?"

    Her: "Really?"

    Me: "I guess so. I thought I might as well ask you since the girl I asked earlier today said no."

    Of course only joking. If I ended up deciding to propose to a girl it would be something special and romantic and either relevant to her or to our relationship

  • I don't believe in marriage, so if I was to propose, it would have to be something pretty amazing.

    I'd take us to that resto where people eat in the complete dark. Start with champagne immediately. Have an exquisite dinner. At the end of the desert, I'd push forward the box with the ring, and ask her to tell me what it is.

    When she figures it out, I'd tell her that I'm on one knee. We're anywhere she can imagine and the ring looks just like she imagines it. And then ask her to marry me.

    Later, she could find out I never left my seat, and the ring isn't (of course) what she imagined. But that's what marriage is - the illusion of your desires made real.

  • marriage is sooooooooooooooOoooooooooooooooo *exhales* sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo lame! lmao

  • I would ask you to look for my retainer that accidentally ended up in the dumpster down the block. I would tell you it was in a little pink box shaped in a You form. After you slipped through many banana peels and dirty diapers you then find the box. I say suprise mofo open the box! You open the box and to your surprise there is a.02 carot cubic zirconia ring. You then say oh my and I say oh yes and I say lets get hitched and you say damn skippy and we live happily ever after!


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