How will I knw if he is going to marry me through his talks and chats?

There is a guy I accepted his request on matrimonial site. We are chatting since 3 months now. In between I have met him once too. He Liked me a lot by my talks and looks both. He had agreed to marry me and told his parents to meet mine, But my father denied first stating he is too elder to me. ( he is 9 years older than me). But I carried on chatting with him. He stated that there are many girls with whom his marriage is going on but he liked me the most nature wise and look wise both. But some times he always mentions please look for new proposals also. Now my father has also agreed for this marriage and his parents are coming to meet me and my parents will do the same. He has started hot chat with me now. And always encourages me to answer those. But he continues to see new proposals still. He always tells me about those. according to him he has not chatted dirty with anybody else. but I find it hard to believe. I also have doubt if he is really looking forward to marry me since he wants always chat dirty with me. He is in U.S and m in India so have met once only. But is our parents like each other kids he wants to meet me 2-3 times to decide that can I be with him. I am not able to understand what exactly is going on in his mind. He always say that you are in the top of my list..Please help. M of 24 years and he is 33yrs old.


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  • you don't know if he is going to marry you...