If you could change one thing about your spouse what would it be?

If you could change one thing about your spouse or SO what would it be? Be specific. Anything at all...

I am just curious.

I wish my husband would be more controlling, demanding and dominant.

I wish he wouldn't do the damn dishes. I really feel like it is my job to take care of him. I LOVE it when he asks me to wash his clothes. Tells me to do something. Sadly in the many many many years we have been together I think this has only happened one time.


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  • I would have my wife love sports as much as I do. She is cool with going to games and watching some games but never is in to it. If she was really into playing, watching and going to games it would be awesome.


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  • The one thing I`d want to change about her, I`d want her to swallow for me. I don`t think a woman respects her man`s sexual authority over her unless she swallows.

    Do you swallow for your man?


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  • If I could change one thing about my SO, it would be for him to quit smoking. He quit for me when we first started going out, but he started again some time last year. My understanding is that he wants to. He knows very well that I want him to quit. He's just super stressed, so we'll see if he quits again.

    It bothers me because I feel like it's robbing him of a long healthy life. But quitting isn't easy, and ultimately, it's up to him.

    • Has he tried the electric cigarette? It helped me tremendously. Plus if I ever want a cigarette I know I can have one with out all the negative effects. No second hand smoke, no chemicals... etc...

    • Thanks, yes, actually, I bought him one like a day after I found out he was smoking again. He tried it, but hasn't really used it. I'm not gonna push it right now because it's a sensitive topic. Thanks for the suggestion. :)