Girls do you know we always end up marrying the creepy guy!! true/false?

with creepy I mean those guys who won't let you breath, following you everywhere even when you ignore them, calling you many times even when you hang up on them... for the player type they don't show how much they love you, we fall for them date them for sometimes then you break up... for the creepy type it takes centuries to notice them but once they have you they NEVER LET YOU GO...

Guys feel free, I will appreciate your views


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  • I think you make some good points. I think with each relationship or date it's different. some people marry or date somebody they click with right away. Or they might meet their soul mate or their significant other on the first try. For others they might date the player type or the creepy guy type, etc. I think the important thing is to try and get to know the person as much as you can before you keep dating them or marrying them. If their are red flags showing that this guy is a stalker type or player type then a girl doesn't have to keep seeing them. We all make choices. And a person should never settle for anything less. If the connection and chemistry is their then things will work out. But if the two are on very different pages and their is no connection then the relationship is doomed from the very start. Like I said each person's dating situation is differnt. I think some people just settle for anything.


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