Simple proposal ideas?

I'm in a long distance relationship we've been dating for a year and a 1/2 and she coming to visit in a little over 2 weeks. I plan on proposing when she is visiting, we've talked about marriage in the past so I know the answer.

But I can't seem to think of any good ideas on HOW to do it. We are both very simple and traditional, but I want it to be memorable at least.

I don't have a lot of money so a big fancy event is out of the question, and I'm not the most creative person on the planet

I was wondering if anyone had any ideas...

the only think I can think of is putting some white Christmas lights on this big mango tree in my backyard and when she comes to my place for dinner have a fire going..after we eat I tell her I have a question to ask her and I lead her over to the tree and ask her to marry me in's simple but I think memorable.

does anyone else have any ideas?


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  • 1. Your idea sound nice. She will remember any effort you put forth. Some candles and flowers are good too. Set the table nice.

    2. Think about what she says she loves ie... the beach, quiet places, picnics?

    3. If she likes family and is outgoing she may like the idea of proposing at a family gathering, if not she may like it to be just you and her.

    4. Ask her sibling if they are close what she likes, If my sister's boyfriend asked me about proposing to her I would have a better idea or even tell him to wait, its she's not

    • yeah flowers are something I get her a lot so I'll probably use those and some candles.

      she really enjoys staying at home, doesn't go out to much which is OK cause I prefer to sit at home with her

      she is a very private person, she doesn't like drawing to much attention to herself

      her one brother is 9, her sister is 25 but obsessed with big elaborate proposals

      I'm going for more simple and memorable than flashy, I don't want the setting to out do the proposal itself.

    • Sounds like a nice dinner at home then. Making the dinner and setting the table nice is great. Maybe you can make a slide show on widows movie maker with pics of you two. Then at the end type I have something to ask, then turn to her and tell her what's in your heart.

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  • Do you have any beaches, or can you go camping or something? I think you should make it more memorable.

    You don't want to do it at the house, do it at a place with nature.

    Like mountains or something. Find a quite place that's "yours"

    • My other suggestion would be that if you absolutely can't, is to make up for it, by saving up for a great anniversary.

      My boyfriends parents had to wait five years to do theirs, because of budget.

      See if you can find a decent restaurant, and go out downtown or something under the starlight somewhere. That's another idea.

      Otherwise I would suggest nature, because there's no people, it's more peaceful, and it's very memorable, as long as you are out somewhere, doing something fun.

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    • Do it at the beach! :P

    • I'd love too but it'll be in florida in the summer, it's a good theory but she doesn't like drawing attention to herself and it'll be really crowded, plus we'll be visiting her friends I don't know :P

  • Its not the how, where, when that's important for a proposal, its the who.

    • yeah I know :)...that's why it's gonna be small and private.

      I'm def glad it's her. She is a very down to earth girl. But I wanted to make sure that the idea I had in my head was OK :P

    • I didn't mean whether it was her for you or not but how when it comes down to it none of that stuff matters, only the person does. My fiance asked me while sitting on a bench, no big plan, no ring bought, he just felt like that was the time. Hundreds of people walk past that bench every day and to them its battered, old, meaningless, but to me its the most beautiful spot in the world & I love that its only significant to us its like our little secret. Do it YOUR way,thats what makes

      it beautiful

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