Pick one choice that you absolutely must have for marriage

Pick one, of the following choices that is an absolute must for your marriage, that without it, would make or break the deal.

So pretend like marriage is on the horizon, we are not concerned right now with any particular guy or girl, but from the list which one is significant to you the most if you were actively seeking a partner for marriage. Pretend like you are old enough for marriage, whatever that age may be for you.

The options are mutually exclusive, for instance, do not consider educational status as an influence on financial security, just for the purpose of this question. (Let's pretend for instance, Joe Pesci from With Honors, a Harvard graduate turned bum...okay, that's a bit extreme I should say)

I digress to mention that Katy Perry is on the radio right now, and no Katy Perry, no I don't feel like a f.ucking plastic bag, now shut up!

  • Educational background: Good educational status and background
    Vote A
  • Social status: High on this hierarchy, has many friends in church, community, etc.
    Vote B
  • Financial security: earns well at a reputable company with opportunities for advancement
    Vote C
  • Physical attributes: Looks good, attractive, appealing to the eyes
    Vote D
  • Personality: Meshes well with your personality on all emotional levels.
    Vote E
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And I predict someone jokingly saying "All of the above"

The people that chose E are all liars and the girls that chose C are all gold diggers...damn you all to hell!



Most Helpful Girl

  • Ideally a bit of each, but E is by far the most important to me. Compatible personalities is really the foundation of a relationship.

    • I chose E and I'm not lying. If you're just goig to tell people who give a certain answer that they're liars, don't ask the question. It's closed minded of you and it's frustrating and offensive to the people who answered.

    • Sorry if I flew off the handle a bit... Maybe you weren't completely serious. It's just that I'm all too accustomed to seeing guys refuse to believe that girls can actually care about personality, or not care about penis size, etc, and it drives me nuts.

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What Girls Said 3

  • Damn it!

    You know everyone would choose all of the above! Haha


  • I would say personality, but then you also need security, and I want what's best for potential children. Also, if someone earns well at a reputable company, they're going to be reliable, motivated and will probably have good communication skills.

    • I would think that everyone prefers personality for long term relationships

  • E.

    i don't care about education, some of the most intelligent people I know never went to college or even high school

    how many friends or activities someone has doesn't matter to me, as long as they do what they enjoy.

    as far as financial security, as long as they can pay for themselves, I can pay for mine.

    I do think you need to be physically attracted to someone though, they don't have to be perfect but there has to be things about them you find attractive so that's slighty important


What Guys Said 3

  • Looks come and go. I need to know if she and I would be able to get along with each other and survive through difficulties with each other.

  • lol, almost everyone picks E, but 2 girls pick C? lolz..

  • For a marriage personality, every thing else is icing on the cake.