What do you expect from your wife?

i want to know what duties, tasks, etc guys expect from your wife to do at home such as making the bed, cleaning the house, what else? I want to be a perfect wife and I want to do everything a guy expect so that he can't complain about me.


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  • A marriage is a partnership, and within that partnership there will be tasks to do such as the cooking, the cleaning and also earning money to live on.

    This is 2012 and so these duties are yours to share between you as you see fit, that could be you doing all the housework while he goes out to work or just as easily him doing the housework while you go out to work.

    More than likely you will meet somewhere in the middle, you'll share them between the both of you but accepting they are shared and not just for one or the other.

    You do sound as though your about to start life as your husbands servant, and you'll do anything so that he 'can't complain about you' but that's simply not right, this is an EQUAL partnership and if he doesn't agree with that then your marrying the wrong man!

    • i'm just exited about this and so in love that I want to become perfect, I don't want to be his servant either, but I wouldn't want him to complain about me not a being a wife material, I'm new at this, but your right.

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  • When it comes to housecleaning, I'm willing to share tasks equally. I'd just try to suit the tasks according to what my wife and my strengths are. Whether something was a traditionally male or female role won't influence my decision.

    What I do expect from her is what I would give in return. Love, respect, supporting dreams, allowing to live each others life.

    And being sexually open-minded.

  • Most important job? Blowjobs. Lol. Kind of a joke but seriously, don't lose the sexy side and try to make him happy

    Other than that, we don't need to be babied. Doing the cooking is definitely a plus though. We can clean after our selves. If you want to do it, by all means go for it but don't feel like you need to be responsible for everything around the house. Unless of course your going to be a housewife, in which case, do it all lol

    • I am taking serious the blowjobs and I'm planning to give as much as my jaw lets me, it something that guys have commented more than once so I know its something serious, and thanks for answering

  • All I expect is for her to do anything she would do if she was single. If she lived alone, she would take the trash out etc. A fair division of labor and god.communication. if someone is better at one thing than the other, just devide and conquer. If you cook better, he can do yard work, whatever.

    And at least one full bj a month. If the bjs stop, I honestly don't think she gives a sh*t anymore...

    • So BJs are important ?

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    • Um, yeah! Probably the source of my down votes :( But in the give and take of it all, she can't stop givong there. Then it makes me feel like a bait and switch. She was cool, but now she doesn't care about being cool. Can happen with a lot of things...

    • More down votes, bring it on prudish biatches! Stop blowing your husband and see how happy he is! Once a month is not a lot to ask. I'm not going to stop giving her head, so its all fair in love and war. Guess there are a lot of girls looking forward to not having to give head after they get married!

  • dunno about 'duties'. I want her to do the same things she did while she was my girlfriend. be as caring and sweet and fun and lively to be around as always. to be my partner through the rest of our lives and experience what's left together :p

  • I expect from my wife to loves me and understands me. Everything else we can do together.

  • I'm sure all of the guys' responses will be completely appropriate and not at all sexual! :-)

  • be supportive

    be understanding

    be loyal

    have a sex drive so its not boring

    nd id expect her to know that I love her over any girl

  • It depends whether she's going to work or not. If not, then I would expect her to take up more of the household chores. Cooking (I can't), washing the clothes.

    I'd be willing to share with duties over the kids, cleaning the house, babysitting...

    If she's at work, of course, I'd expect less...

    Most important: I would expect her to not lose complete interest in sex, as many women do, after a few years of marriage... this can be a real deal-breaker for the guy!

    • Thank for your answer and thank for the Tip about Sex, I would definitely keep that in mind :)

  • wash the dishes, dust and clean the house sometimes, make dinner, suck, f*ck, and swallow


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    And if she could clean, that would be nice.

  • This oughta be good, lol. I bet most guys are going to list 1950s expectations.

    • Actually so far the answers have been surprisingly progressive.

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    • I agree it does seem common. But I'm not sure all these responses are true expectations when it comes to wives rather than simply a wishlist of wants. If someone could have it their way, who wouldn't want a person to take care of the menial tasks around the house for them? Not that it's right but that's the mindset I think.

    • That's what I was jesting about. Most men mention "cooking and cleaning" at one point or another because they'll see themselves as the primary financial provider, so they would expect the women do her part of the work by...being a traditional 1950s house wife? To 'honor and obey' -?