North Carolina not passing the 1st Amendment?

So I have been hear people angry with North Carolina not passing the right for gay marriage? I'm not to sure if that's the whole reason why they banded it. So I want to know what it really means and what's your view on the votes.

Personally I am not homophobic, but I don't agree 100% with gay marriage. that's just my opinion,period.


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  • "I am not homophobic, but I don't agree 100% with gay marriage."

    I am pretty much the opposite to be honest. I can be kind of homophobic because I think some of these flamboyant gay men are the most obnoxious little sh*ts out there. At the same time I don't have anything against gay men or women in general and have no problem with them getting married if that makes them happy.


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  • Gay marriage is already illegal in NC, this amendment means that the only domestic union that will be recognized in the state of North Carolina is marriage between one man and one woman. That means children of unmarried parents who rely on one parent for health insurance will no longer be covered. It means unmarried victims of domestic assault will no longer be able to press domestic assault charges on their partner, since that would involve the government recognizing their union.

  • I personally believe the debate on wether or not gay marriage is right, or should be legal, or any other way you put it is one of the most idiotic debates to ever have existed. Any persons should be allowed to marry whomsoever they desire without prejudice.

  • I think being gay is an abomination and anything that stops them from pushing their perversion on moral citizens is a step forward.


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  • same-sex marriage is already illegal in NC...the amendment writes into the state constitution that the definition of marriage is between one man and one woman. the amendment also says that the state won't recognize civil unions and domestic partnerships.

    There was roughly a 60% vote FOR the amendment and 40% vote AGAINST the amendment. Mostly, the counties that predominately against the amendment were the larger cities and towns with colleges/universities.

    Mostly those against the amendment believed that it would harm children and families (which I don't believe to be true) and that it is discriminatory and poorly written.

    • - a child is still a child whether their parents are married or not and they won't be affected. Person A lives with Person B and they have kids together. Person A's health insurance that they get from their job will still cover their child, because it is still their child.

      - someone who is abused by their domestic partner may not be able to file domestic assault charges, but they can still file regular normal assault charges and be protected by that.

    • - two people live together who are in a committed relationship (although unmarried). one of them is severely hurt and is in the hospital. as long as that person has included their partner in their living will as a person who can make decesions on their behalf, all is fine.

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