One girl wants my husband, what to do?

We are married half year and very happy,

But he works with one girl and

I checked his phone and saw her message : " I know you love your wife and can't agree for my proposition, but if you will change mind or have any problems it's still current" - I don't know what does it mean , but doesn't it sounds fishy? I can't ask him because how I tell him I checked his phone?

She moved to new flat now and she calls my husband to help her with painting , and other things- he is friendly so won't say no

Or when I went for a weekend to visit my friend I know she came our home to give him dinner she cooked ..

I just became to know that I am pregnant ( he doesn't know yet) and I think I shouldn't be stressed now, and because of her I am still nervous,

what should I do ?


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  • Wow, some women don't know how to leave other ladies husbands alone! It sounds fishy to me. I would definitely come clean to your husband about checking his phone and that you saw the message.

    Your husband might be a little upset, but lets be honest here, if any woman saw that on her husbands phone, she would be concerned. I don't know if your husband has crossed any boundaries, this girl could be trying to win him over on her own.

    But if I was your husband's wife, I would definitely tell your husband you are uncomfortable being friends with her. Yes he is friendly, but I don't think he understands how obsessed this girl is with him. I know as a woman some of us really do want a husband, and sometimes it's hard when you see other women having what you want so badly. But this girl is crossing the line!

    While you were away she cooked him dinner and brought it over? :S I would definitely be concerned about that. I know some people might think that's innocent, but I think she is thinking him coming over to help her and him giving her any attention is just feeding her illusion that your husband has any interest in her.

    The message she sent is basically saying "if you are ever unhappy with your wife, I am here". The proposition could be sex, or it could be her saying he can come live with her and be with her in a relationship. Both of those are ridiculous, he is a married man and she needs to back off.

    But I definitely think you need to talk to your husband. Don't blame him, but tell him you are concerned because she seems to have this illusion about what is going on between them.


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  • Its not what you should do...its what your husband MUST do. He must get away from this woman. Yes..change jobs. Change phone numbers. Don't tell me he helps her...or replies to her messages! If this guy is a real man...who is in love with his wife...he will move heaven and earth to keep anyone from getting in the way. He will do everything in his power to stop what is going matter what it takes. Most importantly...he will make it clear to his wife that everything is his actions...not his words. This is a huge deal! You better make a huge deal of it! I'm flipping out...just reading what you said! I don't even know you, and I'm very MAD! This is about as bad as it gets!

  • There's only thing to do.

    Kill her.

    I'm kidding Murder is not an option, you need to tell her to back off, You really need to scare her.


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  • He really needs to put a stop to this. And you really need to talk to him and let him know how the entire situation w her makes you feel. Her behavior is just wrong and so is his by not putting a stop to it. Talk to him and put your foot down.

  • talk to your husband on what's bothering you and confront the girl in a NICE way that you are not comfortable with her flirting seducing tactics and that she needs to back off or else you'll kill her.. j/k

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