Ladies is your husband not allowed to disagree with you but you can disagree with him?

If you first met your husband who lived a long distance and decided to live together, I'm sure the wife made the husband live in her hometown instead of his. He shouldn't always be a pushover.

I beat it was the wife's idea to live together, because if he wanted to live with her, she'll either say "no" or "I don't know well see", even though they are in a relationship and plain on getting married.

I beat the wives are always allowed to tease by saying little bit of bad things about their husbands, but he can't say something bad about her.


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  • In my opinion marriage is a partnership, not a dictatorship. I'd love to hear his opinion on things even if they weren't what I wanted, I would make a decision so we would both be satisfied. If his job was in his hometown and he really enjoyed it then I would happily go along with him and find something I to enjoyed where we were. I'm sure he'd do the same for me vice versa. Or if we couldn't decide on where to live, his hometown or mine I would ask him about just getting a place in the middle of them both. If you really love each other it shouldn't be hard compromise.

    • You only want to make a decision so you and him both be satisfied?

    • Yeah, I wouldn't want to make a decision on my terms without his say so in the matter. I find that selfish. I wouldn't make a decision without him and his opinion. I would always want to go over things with him and see what he has to say and take it into consideration.

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  • These decisions are made differently in every relationship. There is no rule about who will make them or how. I know couples that moved to the wife's hometown, couples that moved to the husband's hometown, and couples that moved somewhere else entirely. In most relationships that I've seen, teasing and criticism goes both ways.

  • When you love someone you want them to be happy and when 2 people love each other you will decide on what is best for both of you. Decisions are based on a partnership and it takes two to make things work.


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