I think I f***ing hate my husband

he moves me like 20 some odd hours away from my family. we are living with his f***ing mother (whom is so f***ing annoying) and then he always does sh*t with her I mean some may be simple but it still don't f***ing matter it upsets me. I mean doesn't he care that he is hurting me like rubbing it in my face like " ha ha I can do things with my mom but you cant" oh and he says family is important but I have to move far away from mine? its some total bullsh*t!


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  • well... if your so obsessed over your family than why did you get married ... because that's what its all about and grow up perhaps he's poor and can't live where he wants to live and his parents let him stay home to help him and maybe your parents don't care to help

    • no growing up does not me so long family. maybe for the idiots in life who have no family values but I have very high family values.

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  • If you really don't like it, I would say leave. Get out before you get in too deep. Once you have kids with him (assuming that you want/wanted to), he'll be in your life forever.

  • How old are you? and what does he do with his mother that upsets you?

    • 21 and the fact he does things with her upsets me because he know I can't do that with my mom because I'm f***ing 20 some hours away he should be more considerate

    • Go visit your mum and stay there for like a week (without him if you like) and do this every once in a while to recharge your battery.

  • should've thought about all this before you married him.


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