Is my husband hiding something from me?

He gets very upset whenever I ask him stuff like "are you still working?" Or "who are you texting?" Or "what were you doing?"He thinks I'm accusing him of stuff when I ask stuff like that. He is always attached to the hip with his phone, he takes his phone to the bathroom, to the kitchen, just wherever he goes but when I'm not home and I call him, if he doesn't pick up he says that his phone was in the bedroom and he was in the bathroom. I don't know if he's hiding something or if I'm just being paranoid.


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  • It sounds like paranoia to me, but then I also think your questions come across in a very accusatory manner. Sounds like you're calling him, not because you've something to say, but because you're checking up on him.

    I think when a guy can tell that that's the purpose of the call, he's not going to pick up, just to be given the 3rd degree.


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  • So confront him about it. Just ask him if he is completely happy in the relationship.


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  • Well, you have to understand that if your significant other is accusing you of something like cheating, then you're naturally going to be kind of upset by the accusation anyway.

    BUT if you keep finding inconsistencies like that (lying about where answering his phone) then I'd say you have reason to worry, and he is being defensive because you're about to catch him in the act. I'd probably keep observing if I were you, maybe make it seem like you've backed off, but you really havent, and try to find sure-fine evidence before to bring it up to him again.

    Good luck

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