What should I think? One min he's not in love with me, the next he is spoiling me - am I crazy?

My husband came home and got the kids took then with him,when they got home they had my mothers day presents,he got me a coach poppy purse I have been wanting and the new ipod touch with the camera then he took me out for lobster, that was Saturday and on Sunday I got to relax all day and when we went to bed we had the most wonderful adult time,its hasn't been like that in so long,then this morning he leaves for work gives me a kiss bye and he's going to be gone a few days

And now its like it never happened not texting other responding you my texts,

what should I think when just last week he told me he was no longer in love with me I want my husband,

why would you act like that if you aren't willing to try and work out the marriage

What should I do next?

What should I say to him?

Any advice please


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  • it sounds like he's haed second thoughts about not loving you, doesn't it? Just be happy and don't second guesss everything he does. He's busy on a a business trip.

    Althoough, there's the odd chance he acts so happy because he's seeing someone else on this 'business trip.' ! Just saying!

  • This is probably far too important to take the advice of someone on here. But it sounds like a classic case of someone that's cheating.


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