I am unhappy in my marriage, what should I do?

we are married one year now,

after marriage he changed

He spend most time at work, and is cold..

I try to fix it, cook great dinners , with candles ..

when he comes home I kiss him, propose to do him message,

or at weekends it's only me who wants go for a walk or to cinema . ( if not me we wouldn't go anywhere)

I am very romantic I want go out with him to watch sunset, kiss and cuddle more often.. but if I won't do this things he wouldn't do it .

I was talking with him many times but he said " I want have normal life I don't need romantic things ,marriage should be simple"

But I imagined marriage completely different , and I'm unhappy,

I can't divorce him because I'm pregnant .

But I just want to be happy, I don't know what to do?


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  • In my opinion you married this man thinking that marriage life will be like the fairy tail movies you watched in Disney channel, unfortunately life isn't like that sweet heart, unless your in your honey moon.

    I think that instead of feeling unhappy because your not getting enough attention you should focus yourself on your new born, read books, prepare yourself for it, The fact that your man changed it doesn't mean that he doesn't love you, he does! but keep in mind that he also needs to provide for you and for the new born and sometimes that can be difficult.

    • but why marriage life can't be more romantic ? I don't watch disney channel, but normal romantic movies, and I don't understand what's the problem to make life like this?

    • I don't think is bad at all, I think it's nice I do it to my Fiance but I don't expect him to be romantic with me 24/7

    • of course, nobody normal would expect it 24/7, but I want to have it at least sometimes , at least at weekends,. I don't know why it should be such problem.

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  • Everyone has those problams you can talk it out with him, or just take a break! It will all b ok! trust me! thanks or asking, you might also want to try a therapist! THANKS! :)

  • you can't divorce him because your pregnant .. or because you love him... because if its not romantic with just him and you chances with a kid coming are very slim for the romeo and Juliet thing...

    • i can't divorce him because I'm pregnant and I want our kid to have normal family, - that's why.

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    • yes that's what I was trying to type up but you did it way better

    • yes, maybe you are right, I believe it's true . But my parents were divorced , and I can't say my chidhood was the best one, my dad left my mom when I was 5 and then had new family, I felt jealous because of his new kids , and my dream was to make my parents together - that's why I didn't want it to happen to my kid. And also I love my husband - that's the 2 reason I don't want leave .