Is marriage for you?

Has anyone been going out with their bf/gf for close to a year or more then a year and thinking about marriage? For the guys do you even consider asking ur gf the question or do you think its bests to wait at least a couple more years? I think before you get engaged that you both should have stable careers and be financially ready to live together.

Whats does everyone think?


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  • I did consider asking the question to my gf a one point we were so sure we were going to start a family. Yet I also feel that in reality and present, I don't have enough conditions to ask such a question. It's almost like asking the question expecting the girl to fully rely on you (emotionally/financially/trust/everything), even when i'm young and still exploring the dust on the surface of the my future career. From my limited experience, it would be amazingly hard to convince someone to totally give in, w/ trust, even when the love is present.

    Love is one thing, yet reality sometimes is another.


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