How to talk to my boyfriend about possibly getting married?

We've been together for a year and lived together for 4 months. I'm on great terms with his family. I hadn't really wanted to think about getting married before, but I joked about it once. When I did, he got really excited and started saying 'Are you saying you want to get married? you want to get married don't you!' at that point I didn't so I just cut the conversation short.

He's been talking about running away together and being with each other forever He's including me in his long term plans. I'm starting to think maybe he and I need to have a talk. How do I bring it up?


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  • There are lots of other things to talk about before getting married as well. How many children, how are you going to handle bills. Where do you want to live, how are you going to handle careers. Maybe you've discussed these things in passing, but sitting down and really working out the details, can easily lead to discussion about marriage. Remember, these are just HIS long term plans but yours as well.

    I once heard it said to me.

    You can't define love, you can't see it, and it's something that only you and the person your in love with can feel. Getting married is a way to have something tangible that says.. "here is my love".


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  • "Most" men don't mind it if you're just blunt about stuff like this, and since it sounds like he already wants to (but might not think you want to) I don't see anything wrong with an approach like this:

    "So... hey... do you wanna get married?" You can probably get away with explaining that you "didn't want to get married before" but that you "really do now."

    This approach is probably best for two reasons.

    1: As already explained, men really do typically appreciate straight forward conversations like this.

    2: Men are terrible at subtlety, so if you don't use a straight forward approach like this, any amount of hinting or nudging might just end up confusing him (and he may not get it).

  • You can ask him his opinion on marriage.


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