Why does a man change after getting married?

HI !

I'm currently married and I've been married for 5 years.

My husband changes since the day we decided to get married.

He also disappear more often after we got married.

For instance, we usually have dinner at his parents home and we will go home afterward but instead of going home , he will go to his office instead. He will come back late almost everyday.

These few days he will say that he goes for a cigarette break with his brother and come back late. My husband is very close to his younger brother and his parents.

He did this almost everyday .

I try to ask him but his answer is too general.

I'm not sure if I did something wrong.

But he seems doesn't want to talk about anything to me except about our dog.

Can you guys help me to understand this behavior?

These behavior has lasted for 5 years.

I don't know how long that he need for him to really commit to the marriage.

My guess is probably he need his space but I come to Hong Kong to marry him and I sacrifice everything I have for him.

My career, my family and friends. I left my home country to be with him. Sometime I feel so lonely in Hong Kong and my husband is basically just ignoring me.

Can you guys help me here ?



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  • I'm not sure how to help you other than to say to talk to him! Sorry :( I wish I knew. Because you two are married I assume you are able to talk deeply about an issue like this but I don't know

    • Hi 05Jueey !

      Thank you for your answer.

      Actually I tried everything including talking to him and ask him to go to marriage counseling.

      we did go to marriage counseling but I think there is not much improvement from him

      I think he doesn't really love me but he just get married cause he's already in this relationship for quite a long time.

      I'm not so sure anymore

    • Oh okay! How commited are you to him I wonder. Would you be okay with seperating? For a while anyway?