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My boyfriend and I got engaged 4 months ago, and he still hasn't told his dad. Lately though he has been acting really weird. When I tell him how I feel and that he is being a jerk around his friends we always fight. We never get alone either his friends are around or he plays video games. I try to be the best girlfriend, but he acts like he could care less about us. We didn't see each other at all and he leaves to go eat with his friends and couldn't wait for me. Also this girl sent him a message yesterday and when he implied that I was there she said sorry,.. He has been could talking to girls on myspace like 5 times... What should I do?


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  • Well, I would say what you really need to do is slow down your relationship really fast. First, you are engaged so you are not just his girlfriend, you are his fiancee so he should put you first above his friends. Second, he hasn't told his dad after 4 months??? that just sounds like he isn't really serious about getting married at all. Also, whats this about another girl? what is up with this guy?

    Is he serious about your relationship, and does he really understand what a marriage and a committed relationship is all about. It sounds like you have some serious things to work through in your relationship and your boyfriend doesn't sound like he is serious about getting married.

    I would have a serious conversation with him, its possible he is just a little anxious about marriage, or something, but you seriously need to work on these things before you get married because after marriage things will get harder not easier, and you need to trust each other completely. If you are having these issues right now, how is marriage going to solve your problems, it doesn't change people. Just try to seriously consider whether either of you are ready for that yet. I'm sorry if I came on harsh, but it really sounds like your fiancee is not ready yet.


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