How serious is he about proposing? Too fast?

I've known this guy for less then a year. Have been, "dating" him for only 5 or so months. The thing is, we're supposed to be friends with benefits- but sometimes he calls me his girlfriend. I just shrug it off. But lately he's been talking about proposing to me, and how he wants to be with me every night. I can't help but feel that we don't know each other well enough yet.

So guys, is this a phase? Is he kidding?


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  • Only you can decide on if it's 2 soon. I've been off and on with my boy for almost a year now and this is the 4th time we dated and so far its only been 2 months, but I know he's the one for me because we have so much in common and he's my best friend. If you think you guys need to get to know each other more, then get to know him. Maybe he has decided that your who he wants and if he really is serious about you then if you tell him you want to get to know him before you go that far that shouldn't make him want to change his mind about proposing maybe he will just hold off for awhlie until he knows your ready. Don't rush things that's the worst thing you can do, just take everything slow and get to know each other that's what a relationship is. There is many boys out there that don't know what they want, but if he's a man and knows your who he wants then he will take as much time as you need.! Good luck hun :)


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  • I dated a girl for 8 years and was engaged for 2, so take my word for this.

    Lets go through this slowly...

    1. You've only been dating him for 5 months and have known him for less than a year. In all seriousness, how much do you know about this guy on a personal level? An engagement requires a committment to one person for the rest of your life. To do that, you have to know them at every level. After only 5 months of "dating," are you really at that point? Plus, you use quotations, which tells me you're not even sure you're dating.

    2. You're just supposed to be friends with benefits? First off, I think the whole friends with benefits thing is incredibly unhealthy. It destroys the importance of a sexual connection between two people who love each other. In addition, friends with benefits means lust, not love. Right now, you don't love each may be attracted to one another, but that's all you're certain of.

    3. He "sometimes" says your his girlfriend? Does that mean someday he'll "sometimes" call you his wife? Think about that one.

    4. Why does he want to be with you every night? Does this involve sex every night? That might be the reason why.

    So, I can't say whether this is just a phase or not, but, if the question is popped, don't say yes. In all reality, based upon how you describe it, niether one of you know what you are except sex buddies. If you care about this guy and you think he cares about you, I would sorta start over. Put the friends with benefits relationship to rest and try o start a romantic relationship without it. Only then will you know how this guy feels about you and whether he "loves" you. Good luck.

  • why don't you get to know him on a more personal level? he must've developed feeling for you.

    he seems legit


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