How do you know if your partner is going to pop the big question?

How do you know if your partner is going to pop the big question? Are there subtle ways to know or what?


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  • I would suggest not to get your hopes up, but it doesn't hurt to indulge in the thought so, here are a few signs I've been able to gather from my experience and those of my friends. If they al are happening within a short window, might be a good sign that he's leading to the big question.

    1. He talks openly and willingly about marriage and spending the rest of his life with you. Duh right? Doesn't always lead to the bended knee thing right away, but he's at least definitely primed and open to the idea. Very good sign.

    2. He's working longer hours, or picking up extra work. This is one of the key reasons why some men hold back from popping the question. Being able to provide and more importantly, being able to afford that ring may require some overtime.

    3. He asks about your rings size...and if he knows that already, will try to find a way to find out what kind of style of diamond you like, either directly or indirectly. I really hope he'd be smart enough to ask close friends or fam. If he is then look out for...

    4. Friends and family acting funny or secretive. You can't quite put your finger on it, but somethings out of place. They may be in on the whole thing and going through leaps and bounds to keep it hush, hush.

    In which case, I've probably ruined the surprise. Don't blame me! Good luck!

    • thanks he has something up his sleeve I can feel it but I rather jus have him home since he been deployed for the past year. so we will see. thanks again

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  • What, do your taxes?

    Or..maybe it's if you're going to take your talents to south beach or not (sorry, I'm from Cleveland and still resent it)

    There's lots of "big" questions


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  • Don't try to guess that. Because it could be anything! even "Do you think we should see other people?"

    • thanks but I was talking bout asking if you will marry me question