Why some people decide to get married at early age?

I'm 21 and have few friends who are already married and many who are engaged,

I can't understand it, my friend who has a child already and is wife can't just enjoy life like me.

I can go for a dance when I want , join many courses because have enough free time , and can travel or even move to other country if I wish one day.

And I can also enjoy having family and kids but later .

And she will have to stay with this man all life , must be responsabile because has a kid ..

Why actually people decide to marry at early age?


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  • Well...it's their choice and that's what they want in life...to get married early to someone that they love dearly (hopefully) and and it makes them HAPPY. What makes her life happy and fullfilling is to raise children.

    You can still do a lot of stuff that you mentioned while being married. It's not a death sentence! lol It's just that you have that special someone to share it with.

    Not everyone wants to party like a mad dog and go nuts in their 20s but rather prefer to start a family early with the person they love. I prefer partying like a mad dog while I'm young! XD

    • yes right, this must make her happy.

      i am different thay's why can't understand it, but her chioce isn't bad anyway

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    • i don't party like a dog, just sometimes like to go out with friends and enjoy life since we are young . And she may regret it being old that she didn't do it.

      Also next year I will go to spain for student exchange program , if I have family and husband I couldn't do it.

    • If you don't have a family but have a husband, you can still do it. It's just tough being apart from each other. I'm glad you care about your friend but again, what you THINK is best for her life and what she WANTS in life is two completely different things. Ultimately, it's her choice and you have to respect her decision.

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  • I think the religious principle of waiting with sex until marriage is a big factor. People in their late teens, early twenties being in love, mistaking this with loving each other, being really horny, so they marry so they can have sex.

  • bec they realize life has higher levels of pleasure.

  • I suppose because none of that other stuff is important to her, while having and raising a family is.

    Not everyone has the same priorities in life.

    • for me it's important too, but later. It's time for everything , why she is in so hurry? it's time for everything.

    • For YOU it may be important, but it's not as important RIGHT NOW as partying, traveling, etc.

      For HER, having the family NOW is more important than those things. Very simple.

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