Guys how did you pop the question?

Ok say you found your dream girl and you wanted /did pop the question how would/did you do it ?


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  • I'm not a guy but I can tell you how my guy proposed to me! We went out for New Year's with friends then at the end of the night when it was time to go home, we didn't. He took me Downtown to the Marriot, we took the elevator up to the third floor. He walked me to a room, held out the key to me and said, "this is you". I opened the door and the whole room was covered in beautiful vases of roses, single roses, candles, flower petals everywhere. At the head of the bed was a white teddy bear holding a heart. On the bed was written in rose petals, "will you marry" and at the foot of the bed there was a little gift bag that said, "me?". I had no idea it was coming and I was so happy and shocked. I went up to the little gift bag but it was empty! He said, "the bear has something for you". He had a little jewelry box on the bears paw, and in it was the most BEAUTIFUL ring. He did such a crazy good job picking it out on his own, I couldn't have done better I just LOVE IT! Then I handed him the ring and he goes, "No?", with concern in his voice, thinking I was turning him down. I said of course yes, will you put it on my hand? Then it was all smiles and kisses and clothes flying everywhere lol. He had our clothes there for us, his laptop and speakers for music, we had breakfast at the hotel in the morning. It was absolutely perfect, and the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for me, and that's the way it should be I suppose :)

    • That's pretty good.

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    • Yes he's something else, I am lucky and I try to remind myself everyday :-)

    • :-) I so hope if my boyfriend is gunna ask me it's something like that but it could ask me on a street corner and I'd be so happy

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  • Maybe take her on a walk, somewhere scenic she likes, feels comfortable, or perhaps take her 'on holiday' to a place she's always wanted to visit... we can only wait and see

  • its not a popcorn that shld be popped happens sometimes without even uttering a single word

  • Well it was pretty mutual actually for me. We both just clicked and it was obvious we liked each other. Although we were already acting like it, eventually a bit later we decided we wanted to make it official, so I was all like 'will you be my girlfriend? :)' So yeah, that's how it went down for me!

    • marriage...right, hasn't happened yet lol

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