Should I call him?

guys and girls is it not normal for two people to fight alot?

like every other week, and is about 5 breakups in a year and a half normal?

we fought again and he's nt calling :(

please help, engaged at 18 here!

oh and should I be worried that he's not calling? :(


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  • If you want to fight, become a boxer and get paid for it. If you fight that much, I'd be more worried if he did call. Find someone to be in love with, it's way more fun.

    • Bt I am in love with him!

      lol its not like I plan the fights

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    • Yeah, we have to allow a little room for age, but love is no respecter of age. Hope it all works out for ya!

    • Thanx so much this really helped!! :D

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  • move on from this

    • Y?

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    • I see your point, bt you dnt think there's any chance we can make it work?

    • You're very young, and I wish I could still be optimistic in the way you are now. But you're relationship sounds very dramatic and chaotic. And people can stay in those kind of relationships can last a really long time. I guess if you are happy with things that way then it's okay. If you want this dynamic in your relationship to change know this; It's a lot of work, BOTH people have to be very committed, its a painful process, and there is no guarantee it will work out.

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  • You guys should definitely look into getting some help if you really want to make it work. Fighting is normal but breaking up off and on is not. It's not good to get into a pattern of leaving every time the going get tough. Maybe work on communication. Sometimes it seems easier to just leave instead of continuing to argue but the problem is still there unfixed.

    • The thing is we dnt see much of each other and that makes it harder!

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    • Well in that case, it wouldn't hurt to check in with him and ask if he needs more space or if he wants to try and work it out. I just meant that you don't want to scare him away with a million calls and texts.

    • Oh nah I dnt like seeming needy...

      lol okay... I'm callin him rite now

  • wow wow wow slow your role girl. maybe scince it is like that I would say one or two more break-ups and I would say Good Bye