Have you ever had an inappropriate relationship with a married person?

I know this question is a bit taboo but we live in the real world and things like this do happen. So have you ever had an inappropriate relationship or had sex with someone who was married? If so, what happened? Also, this question is only for people who have been in one. So no "No, I have not and I never would" comments.


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  • What do you *think* usually happens? Hint: Things don't go happily ever after.

    • Exception being Camilla Parker Bowles and Prince Charles.

    • Haha. There's always an exception :P

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  • I had a weird thing with a married guy. it was a weird situation cause his dad pushed him to talk to me which was hard cause he got really really nervous around me. him and his family owns a cafe in my native country, which we visited every summer. his mother on the other hand wasn't as nice as the dad she always gave me dirty looks while his son smiles nervously and almost knocked over some coffee cup at our table. so I was there last summer and his mom and the girl I think is his wife was there and the gave us the wrong order, over charged us and was really rude. so I do agree only bad things happens when you like a married person or the other way around.