What would you think of a house husband?

Me and my boyfriend have talked about this several times before. I am getting my medical degree to be a physician and he wants to work from home and be a full time dad. I decided to bring home the money and he take care of the house and kids (he wanted this). I do trust him with our kids more than any other person and I know he would make a great dad. He already does all the cooking 100% of the time and cleaning 99% of the time so it works for us. What would you think if the roles were reversed and the female decided to take care of the family financially while the man wants to stay home with the kids? also have you considered it before?


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  • absof***inglutely not - no never considered this before.

    now, if this kind of arrangement suits both of you, hey, go for it. nothing wrong with it.

    but you also mentioned that he wants to "work from home." so, eventually it could happen, that his business brings more money to the table.

    • well I will be making majority of the money and taking care of the bills and things. that little extra money can be his for whatever he wants or needs

    • at the beginning. you never know what happens in the future. he could get pretty successful.

    • i mean he already has it now ad its OK. its really just extra spending money. he is going back to school for psychology so you never know :)

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  • I think that's great! My dad was never around enough and neither was my mom. They were both always too busy. A father figure for your children who cooks and cleans for you; that sounds like a win. Plus you don't have to really worry about "long business trips". It seems that he really enjoys cooking and cleaning too. ( I personally do too) So why not?

    • im sorry your dad wasn't around. my father wasn't in my life either. there are a lot of people out there with dead beat dads. hang in there :)

    • lol you know its weird you say that cause none of my evidence directly pointed to the fact that my dad was a deadbeat; but he actually was. You know, The kind that leaves his family to join another in a different country. But it's cool. All I can do is hope to be a better man then he.

  • Do things have to necessarily be any different?

    Sure it's uncommon, people might give a weird look when you tell them, but other than that if the two people have a healthy relationship and are able to provide a great household for their family, I see no big deal there.


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  • Who cares what other people think? The only thing you need for justification is those three words, "he wants to." It makes no sense to tell someone they shouldn't do something just because of what gender they are.

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