Do all men make the distinction between being married and having sex?

Is sex really not love for men? Is marriage their livelihood and sex their sport?


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  • no, there are plenty of men who won't have sex till they are married (mostly because a book told them so). obviously sex does not equate to love, anyone who doesn't know that is delusional. I really don't get your last's my sport tho...

    • sex can equate to love

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    • I mean, in a consentual situation

      rape is the exception

    • well first off, I don't think things can equate if there are exceptions (that goes against the concept of "equating"). and secondly, even if we disregard my counter point, I believe in the scenario that you described, love would be considered a prerequisite to sex, not and equal entity...

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  • For me, sex will happen when there's love.

    For other men, they are able to separate the act of sex and the "feeling of making love"

    One of these days, I might actually write "a whole dissertation" on it, but that's the short of it.

    As for your second question, not really understanding that one.


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  • I wish I could find a virgin man...