What is the best way to propose to a girlfriend?

please help

how would you propose?

how did someone propose to you?

please I would really like to do this soon and haven't came up with many good ideas.


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  • Don't look for answers here, spend more time thinking about it. It has to be personal to you and your girlfriend, any answers here won't be original - you need to think about what your girlfriend would consider special and not the people on here. Think about how you first met, go back to your first date or just whisk her away to somewhere you've both wanted to go and do it completely unexpectedly. Don't look for answers here, they won't be nearly as impressive as would you could come up with by yourself.

    • well just want to get some ideas from a female point of view...I think I know my partner pretty well, we been together over ten years...It's pretty hard to surprise this one...There are no perfect answers I know, but ideas and brain storming can help me get ideas that my own imagination is not aware of...everyone one has limits, I only know what I know but I would like too see what the possibility are...I will create my own from your ideas. thank you please help =)

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  • I agree with amber. Do it your way. Be true to who you are as a couple. When it comes to a proposal its not the where, when, how that matters its the who. Its not about the "perfect" settin with the perfect sunset with the perfect proposal with the perfect ring its about the guy that's doing the asking and whether he's perfect

    • My fiance proposed to me when we were on holidays. We were sitting on the edge of a cliff after having a beautiful dinner, wine was flowing, the mood was good. He didn't get down on one knee and he didn't have a ring. He had been thinking about it for a while and was just waiting for the right moment. It wasn't some big plan he'd put into action and there was no one else around cause he knew that's not my scene. Simple, chilled and while we were enjoying being together

  • Do something she absolutely loves and propose then. Like take her to Paris and propose on top of the eiffel tower or take her to Sydney and propose on top of the story bridge


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  • answer me this;

    did she mentioned to you that she wants to marry you?

    is she "pressuring" you to get married in any way?

    or you're gonna propose her out of the blue?

    • We been talking about it for awhile, maybe the last 3 years

    • who started with this marriage thing? is SHE pressuring you in ANY way or is other way around? even in a most innocent way.

      in other words, who wants to marry who? and don't tell me "both." there's always the one who wants it more.

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