Will men propose and/or marry a long term girlfriend, even if they don't really want to?

If a guy's been with a girl 5 1/2 years and he's in his early 30s, will he propose/and or marry his girlfriend who keeps mentioning marriage to shut her up? or if he does propose, it's because he definitely wanted to on his own.

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  • I don't know of anyone who would propose just to get her to drop it. If a guy does, though, he shouldn't.


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  • It depends. He could genuinely want marriage, he could be doing it as a delaying tactic or he could feel pressured by the girlfriend or other family members to do it. The circumstances and individuals make all the difference in the world. Have you been the one mostly talking about marriage, has he, or has it been about equal? Who brings it up the most? Have either of you talked of time frames?

    • Actually this is concerning an old friend of mine. Not me, as I just got married. And my man was very clear from the jump, hence my questionabout friend. I feel like he's doing it teither shut her up, buy time or just tired of her asking when. It's really not my business and don't voicemy opinions.As long Iveknow her (6yrs) she mentioned her desire to be married and told me she'sbeen the brought up the topic toher boyfriend 2-3 times. I know he's got to feel pressure from her and both families.

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    • I agree 100%. I think when a man knows what he wantts clear. You (as a female) won't even have to second guess because he's clear what he want and he'll bring up the topic of marrying you.

    • She should break up with the guy if he's not bringing up the topic of marriage after six years if that's what she wants.

      One of two things will happen if she doesn't break up:

      1. She'll force him to marry her, then he'll be miserable and they'll probably get divorced.

      2. They stay together, unmarried, and she's miserable and nagging him all the time to get married.

      I say choose option three, leave the boyfriend, hard as it might be, and date a man who is interested in marriage.

  • If she really wants to and it's not gonna be an issue for him, like he's not for some reason highly against it, then he'd probably do it for her.

  • Well, it's hard to say. So I chose C. Basically, it's not a good idea to keep mentioning marriage like that to the point of annoyance. If you're doubting your boyfriend (or I guess fiancĂ©), assuming you're talking about yourself in this question, best thing is just to ask him straight up and explain that it's fine if he's not ready yet. Because it really should be fine. Don't be hard on him.

    • Actually it's concerning a friend of minet thanks for your input.

    • No problem. But yeah I advise just getting your friend to ask her fianc?. I mean, if she's gonna marry him, they're gonna have to be able to communicate with each other well. Otherwise, they're clearly not ready to get married haha.

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  • Yes but its not that simple. Its not he doesn't want to be with her just that he doesn't feel the need for marriage. However if it is something she truly wants then he will do it because he wants her to be happy.

    I asked every married guy in my local one night why he got married and the answer back was "because that's what she wanted" now some guys made it sound like they had no choice, which was just bravado bullsh*t in front of their mates, others said because they would have done anything for their now wives.

    • "I asked every married guy in my local one night why he got married and the answer back was "because that's what she wanted""

      That's so true - and yet so many girls/women just don't understand it.

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    • If I'd never lived outside of Ireland, or met anyone who wasn't Irish, you might have a point...

    • @belgie. Very true but I was just stating that from my impromptu survey every guy I asked was Irish or living here most of their lives.

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