Is This a Good Location for an Exotic Wedding?

My girlfriend and I have been dating for awhile now. We know that we're the ones for each other. We started out in college together, but once we both transferred, it became harder. The LDR has tested us but we have remained strong. We're not ready to get married yet, as we're both juniors I'm college, but we have talked about our future. She told me that she wants to get married at a place like a beach or some non-traditional place. What do you think of this? link


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  • Go for it! In my opinion, try places that look very colorful and exotic like for ex. Islands? If its money issues than go for cheaper places. Make her there's tons of fun and romance mixed in it. Try doing activities that she wants to do but haven't tried it :)


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  • lol cool. if I had to go to a wedding, id totally love that one ;) niice.


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